Una Corda M189

Una Corda M189


Limited Series

Taking the famous Klavins Una Corda sound to new heights, the M189 is a Concert-sized Una Corda piano designed for performance and recording. The longer scaling of the strings brings improved dynamics and sustain across the whole range, with a rich and saturated bass register and pure and sparkling mid and treble registers. The Una Corda M189 provides a purer sound compared to traditional grand pianos while still providing the delicate and unique Una Corda timbre.

Here’s an example of its sound

The Una Corda M189 is a limited release: Only five pianos of its kind will ever be built!

Like the Klavins Vertical Grand Pianos, the Una Corda M189 can also be integrated directly into any solid structure, making it a architectural feature of your studio or home.

Technical Specifications:

  • One string per note – una corda principle
  • Open body design, no cabinet
  • Double-layer soundboard of selected, solid mountain spruce, rib-less
  • Active soundboard surface 1,748 m2
  • Tone modulator (various material strips)
  • Steel frame
  • 88 key range (A2 to c5)
  • Lowest bass string 1418 mm


  • Height: 189cm (206cm w/ legs & wheels)
  • Width: 220cm
  • Depth: 70cm (100cm w/ legs & wheels)
  • Weight – approx. 550 kg

Optional features:

  • QRS PNOmation3 Player and MIDI recording systems installed – price on request


  • € 76,500 net, ex works