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May 18, 2024: Edgars Raginskis - Ventas' Meditation

Edgars Raginskis (1984) is a Latvian composer, pianist, musicologist, pedagogue and cultural journalist. Edgars writes music for stage, documentary film, vocal and instrumental chamber music, works for choir and orchestra. His theatre music has been nominated for the "Spēlmaņu nakts" award several times.
Edgars works in radio journalism, is an on-air personality on Latvian Television Culture News, writes in print and electronic cultural periodicals. Edgars' music can be found on his Spotify artist profile

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May 25, 2024: Aurēlija Šimkus - Piano Solo


A. Soler: Sonata in D minor No. 20

K. Debussy: Arabesque in E Major No 1

P. Vasks: White Landscape

J.S. Bach: Italian Concerto


Ph. Glass: Mad Rush

Y. Tiersen: Amelia Waltz

F. Chopin: Waltz Op. 34 No. 2 and Waltz Op. 64 No. 1

S. Prokofiev: Sonata No. 4 Op. 29 in C minor


Aurelija Šimkus gave her first solo concert at the age of 11 at the Kaunas International Chamber Music Festival.

At the age of 15 she was invited to participate in the "KlavierOlymp" competition in Badkissingen, Germany, where she won 3rd prize.

At the age of 16, her solo album "Scherzo" was released by the German record label Ars Produktion, which was named "Album of the Month" by Piano News magazine, which said that "Aurelija Šimkus is an outstanding pianist and a real discovery". For her second solo album "Bach. Ich ruf' zu Dir', Aurelia won one of Europe's most prestigious classical music awards, the Echo Klassik, in the category 'Young Artist of the Year'.

Aurelia has taken part in various music festivals in Europe and has performed with the English Chamber Orchestra, Warsaw Symphony Orchestra, Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra, Georgian Chamber Orchestra, Rhineland-Palatinate Philharmonic Orchestra and other ensembles.

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June 9, 2024: SONGEVITY TRIO - Jazz

On the evening of June 9, Klavins Piano will host the jazz trio Songevity by American double bassist Rob Duguay with Italian drummer Alessandro D'Anna and local jazz saxophonist Tom Rudzinski. Throughout the evening you will hear Rob's original compositions and jazz standards in the true tradition of the American jazz capital New York - intense, expressive and bright!


June 15, 2024: Pianist Paulo Steinberg - A Dance, a Shout and a Song - A Reflection of Brazilian Culture

Part I: Compositions by composer Heitor Villa-Lobos:
Passage from Bachiana Brasileira No. 4 Preludio-Introdução (Prelude) - composed in 1941 Passage from Choros (Lamentations) Composition Alma Brasileira (Brazilian Soul) - composed in 1925

Part II: Compositions by the composer Ernesto Nazareth:
Composition "Odeon" (Brazilian Tango) - composed in 1910
Composition "Escorregando" (Brazilian Tango) - composed in 1925
Composition "Apanhei-te, Cavaquinho" ("I caught you, little guitar") - composed in 1914

Part III: Compositions by composer Heitor Villa-Lobos:
Brazilian Cycle (Ciclo Brasileiro):
Composition "Jungle Celebration" (Festa no Sertão) - composed in 1937
Dança do Índio Branco (Dance of the White Indian) - composed in 1936

Paulo Steinberg is a pianist of Latvian origin who works in Brazil and the USA and is a professor at James Madison University in the United States.
Paulo Steinberg has performed as a soloist and collaborative pianist in the USA, Canada, South America and Europe, including venues such as the Teatro de São Paulo in Brazil, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. and St. He has performed at the Kennedy Center and the Cathedral of St Giles in Edinburgh, Scotland.
A winner of several national competitions in his native Brazil, he was also awarded a prestigious Brazilian government scholarship while pursuing an advanced degree in piano performance. Mr Steinberg holds a Bachelor's degree in piano performance from the University of São Paulo, a Master's degree from Arizona State University and a Doctor of Music degree from Indiana University. He frequently serves as an adjudicator for competitions and offers masterclasses, lectures, seminars, concerts in the USA and internationally. He is currently Vice President of the Harrisonburg Music Teachers Association, and was formerly President of the Virginia Music Teachers Association.

Custom Design Pianos - The Inside-Out Piano

In cooperation with the British pianist Sarah Nicolls, who pursues a piano with the total sounding area of the strings to be accessible for additional sound modification, we are developing and building the next generation Inside-Out Piano.