Una Corda Anniversary

Una Corda Anniversary

Una Corda Anniversary

On June 13, 2014, Nils Frahm presented the very first Klavins Una Corda Piano to the public, at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Una Corda Piano in 2024, we are offering a limited edition of 10 (ten) 64-key Una Corda EL pianos, made of solid American Walnut, with inlays of polished brass.

Technical details of the 64-key Una Corda EL:

  • The tonal range covers 64 keys, from A1 to c”” (European notation)
  • One string per note
  • Open body design, no cabinet
  • Double-layer soundboard of selected, solid mountain spruce, rib-less
  • Tone modulator (various material strips)
  • The Una Corda Piano is built without any chemicals or materials that endanger the environment.

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Width at bottom: 140.5 cm
  • Width at top: 87 cm
  • Height: 122 cm, incl. Wheels 124 cm
  • Depth including keyboard: 67 cm
  • Depth without keyboard: 28 cm
  • Weight of Piano Body: 70 kg
  • Weight incl. Keyboard, Action, and Legs: 95 kg

Pricing Una Corda 64 EL – Limited Anniversary Edition

€ 23,700 net* Including big wheels, tone modulator, and music stand

€ 23,400 net* without wheels

*Plus 21% Latvian V.A.T. for EU residents without V.A.T.-ID

We offer a warranty of 10 years on all Una Corda Pianos, from the date of delivery.
For ordering, please write an email to david[at]klavins-pianos.com, including your address data and phone number, you will receive an order confirmation in return, including the terms and conditions.
Delivery time for the Una Corda EL Anniversary Edition presently is 7 months from the date of order.