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The Klavins Piano Manufaktúra Kft.

was established by David Klavins in January 2017. The main activity of the company is building acoustic pianos of special design, invented by David Klavins, as well as building special design-pianos commissioned by third parties. David Klavins accomplished his degree of a master piano builder in January 1980, in Stuttgart, Germany, after having founded his first piano company in 1976 in Bonn, Germany. While initially specializing on the rebuilding of old pianos, in the course of his work he was studying the factors that mainly determine the acoustic characteristics of a piano. This lead him to understand that the development of these instruments had obviously been artificially halted more than 100 years ago, and he began to contemplate building new pianos by his own findings and principles.

In November 1987 Klavins presented to the public his first design of a vertical concert grand piano, the Klavins Model 370.

In 2014 Klavins introduced a new small-size piano, the Una Corda, a 64-key piano with an open design, a new concept of soundboard, with only one string per note, and a stainless steel frame instead of cast iron, the building of which was initiated by Nils Frahm.

Both, the M370 and the Una Corda Piano, have been sampled and are distributed as sound libraries by Native Instruments, Berlin.

After four decades of active work as a piano builder, technician, and concert tuner, having been involved in various companies and projects, Klavins has now settled in Hungary, to exclusively focus on the building of innovative acoustic pianos.

Besides manufacturing the Una Corda Pianos on demand, currently in the making is the next Vertical Concert Grand Piano, the Klavins M450i. Finishing the building of this unique instrument is scheduled for the mid of December, 2017.